Un-Trending: Find Your Signature Style

What’s the latest interior design craze?  What’s the hot paint color?  Who’s the “in” manufacturer for funky wallpaper?  What’s the trend for kitchen cabinet and countertop color?  All questions questions that sell shelter magazines, fill design blogs and TV bits.  While it’s not only my job, but my passion to be in the know on all these hot topics what I really want to say is, “who cares?!”  The latest buzz that really has me, a Minneapolis based interior designer, all sorts of jazzed is the un-trend trend.  Here’s the crazy notion:  When it comes to creating your personal brand, styling yourself and your home do what YOU love.  If a North Loop flat with concrete floors, a leopard rug, hot pink pillows and a white neon sign (yup, that’s me!) make coming home really YOUR home then so be it!  Do it with confidence.  Pass on the trends, pass on the “it” pattern, pass on the pantone color of the year and follow your gut.  Take for example, my Benjamin Moore Peony 2079-30 powder room.  I can tell by the expression on most guests faces that metallic ikat wallpaper on the ceiling isn’t their thing.  In all honesty, I’m over-the-moon it’s not!  Create a space, create a look, create a brand that is uniquely you. 

If you like the notion of creating a space fits you like an old, soft, broken-in pair of Gretchen House denim come to an event I am co-hosting with the Minnesota based company Cambria.  Be our guest, have a cocktail and lunch on us and explore my not only current, but tried and true trend of designing with YOUR signature style in mind.  Hope to see you in "the loop" and at the Cambria Gallery.